electroniques is a long-term experimental project exploring electronic synthesized sounds (technical notes elsewhere). please be aware that the majority of these sound-pieces are not "ambient" compositions, but are rather intended to be environment-rich experiences meant to be played and listened to at moderately-loud-to-intense volumes.

the time lengths of these pieces vary from four minutes to forty-five minutes, averaging about ten minutes. accept my assurance that the compositions progress and evolve (sometimes dramatically) over their course, providing complete point-to-point and end-to-end auditory immersion. no, i don't really know what that means, but i l like to listen to them myself regardless.

when listening it's probably a good idea to pick pieces at random, but really, that's your business.



tech stuff

Clavia Nord Lead 2, Waldorf microWAVE XT, Lexicon MPX 200, Alesis Midiverb II, a couple of instances of mangled guitar. sometimes all at once, sometimes not. all sounds tracks and effects manipulated altered and recorded in real-time, no post effects.


the concept of composition is mostly predicated on communicating images emotions and thoughts by connecting and arranging notes and constructing chords in rhythmic undulations that progress along euphonic patterns based on well-established and well-understood practices of chromatic movement and harmonic interplay, with the intention of creating a concrete and complete whole that completes the intended communication and elicits an emotive response.

my purpose in pursuing this particular form of experimental composition is two-fold: firstly, i just like the sounds that i come up with. secondly, i'm curious to see if non-note-based non-time-based tones can be perceived as "music" and if they are as capable of stirring emotions at the same primeval level as traditional tunes, songs and compositions.

honestly, i'm not sure if i think that they do. but they might. or not.


all compositions contents and design of this website copyright by Joseph M Ramirez of Casper Wyoming (bobofindia)